I feel like the magic number is 2.

Whenever there is a new kind of game or one with a unique set of mechanics, I feel like the magic (or say, socially accepted)┬ánumber is 2. This usually applies to mainstream games, but it can also apply to some more popular indies (and maybe some smaller ones too). Here, I am talking about League of Legends and DotA 2 (in regards to game genre), and Mirror’s Edge and other parkour shooters (in regards to mechanics that were never (and now) tried before).

I couldn’t really get into MOBAs as many people I know have. I could if I tried and got a bit better at them (I’d probably do DotA 2 since it is always updated for me since it it is on Steam despite oh-so frequent updates, but yet, a lot of my friends play LoL due to its popularity and less of a steeper learning curve than DotA 2 has, but I picked up both easily).

LONG OVERDUE EDIT: I am actually trying to get into MOBAs more, leaning more towards League of Legends.

When these two were the only MOBAs around, everyone seemed fine (I’m not including the original Defense of the Ancients mod that Warcraft 3 had since that was when the MOBA genre wasn’t set in stone yet). Sure, they have little fights/flame wars over which MOBA was better. When more MOBAs came around (firstly with Guardians of the Middle Earth), it seemed like no one wanted more than just LoL and DotA 2. Even if someone tried to make a MOBA that was somehow better than LoL or DotA 2, there might be a chance people will try it out and possibly become long-time players, but then again, the already popular MOBAs will continue to thrive and carry on because of the already-established community.

To be honest, Mirror’s Edge is one of my favorite games (and I have trouble picking favorites due to having a massive game library) despite having mixed reviews, clunky combat, and a not-so great story. I liked it because it is very immersive, was fluid in non-combat scenarios, had decent level design despite sometimes getting lost, and had one set of mechanics that were never tried before during its time: a parkour movement system. Brink was VERY hyped, but the execution was horrible as many of you know. I loved the concept behind it, but the gameplay was very frustrating. And now, more are on the way and I am already seeing comments that say they will fail like Brink and are too similar to Mirror’s Edge. Even though I don’t like Call of Duty, I actually liked Titanfall when I played the beta, but there was still some criticism about having a parkour element. This kind of scares me as I am wanting to make a game that has a parkour element, but I’ve had this idea for a game before I incorporated a parkour element.

Now some story on how I started to come up with this game idea. I was eleven when it first began as a single-planet game with no goals and no great rewards, but there was some combat and some creative elements as well as the game being in an MMO world, those elements are what stayed and I have now included so many creative elements to the point where it seems like I’ve went overboard, but I think it is better to have a lot of editors (and subeditors) for different things, than to just have a few that doesn’t have a potential to start a great community (and that is one of the parts I really want in this game). The game evolved into an MMORPS (massively multiplayer online role-playing shooter for those of you who don’t know) with parkour, space exploration, a crap-ton of creation elements, and community potential. At this rate, I don’t know if I should continue with the parkour elements as it would make great time trial/parkour racing maps, so I am not making it its major selling point. I am planning on adding Oculus Rift support for some awesome moments in this game (like skydiving/base jumping and first-person dogfighting). I am adding a lot into this game and I am hoping it won’t receive too harsh of criticism for the parkour element specifically. Will I go overboard? Maybe, but will it be fun? I hope so.


I should probably make a schedule for streaming (again).

As some of you know, I do a stream every Saturday and try to keep things fresh with new games to stream and sometimes with games I have already streamed (like the “Sporto Sucks at” series). I tried to make a schedule for streaming every day of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), but I could not commit to it, so I decided to stream every Saturday beginning at 10 pm EST or later. So I am going to start another schedule just for Saturdays.

[Feb 15th Edit: The Stream at a friend’s house will change date as the weather is very unpredictable now. Once we have a clear day with barely any snow on the ground (which might go on until March), we (as in another friend of mine has been invited as well) might have a chance at going. Next week is supposed to be in the 40s and 50s with some rain, so hopefully most of the snow and ice will melt by next Saturday.]


Tonight: Rust w/ HastyAir3 (http://www.youtube.com/user/HastyAir3)

For February 1st, I am hopefully going to a friend’s house on this day to play a lot of video games on my computer on Big Picture and hopefully on his consoles (He says we would only do it for the PC part, but I would LOVE to do it on his consoles as well. He has a Roxio device that we could use to capture gameplay footage.). I am going to start this stream earlier than usual and I am hoping it will be a LONG stream. It was planned for this weekend, but the weather trolled us and his parents hit a deer, so it is canceled until next weekend. Was canceled again due to Sunday’s weather. It is going to be Paranautical Activity for this night.

Feb 8th: Paranautical Activity Stream at friend’s house. Was canceled once again due to crummy weather. This night will be Zeno Clash 2 (Spoiler Warning and it is a first-person brawler, so there will be a decent amount violence if that disturbs you).

Feb 15th: Zeno Clash 2 (Very story-driven, so be wary of spoilers) Stream at friend’s house if weather clears up. Strike Suit Zero (friends wanted me to play GMod, so I didn’t stream Zeno Clash 2, but I did stream GMod)

Feb 22nd: Strike Suit Zero (Has some story in it, also be wary of spoilers) or hopefully stream at friend’s house

Mar 1st: Torchlight 2 (Also has some story in it, spoiler warning)

That is it for the lineup. Now, to the stream: http://www.twitch.tv/sporto2015

PS: I am going to start uploading my stream results to YouTube through Twitch’s highlight system. So far, I am going to upload my Rogue Legacy stream in different parts since I can’t upload videos more than 15 minutes long.

Thank you for reading this.


Welcome to the new location of the Not-So-Sporty Blog!

I am Brandon Hawkins, aka (not-so-sporty) sporto, but just call me sporto, that is the whole reason why I use the parenthesis. I am a gamer and I have a stream at http://www.twitch.tv/sporto2015. I stream a variety of games simply because variety makes a quality channel. I don’t like focus channels that show only one game or a few similar games simply because they get uninteresting after sometime down the line. Yes, I am talking about SkyDoesMinecraft and I know I have a Minecraft-related profile picture. I use that because the owner of the server I get on made that for the server’s website banner and I asked if I can use it for my personal use. It is going to change when I make something of my own. Like I said, I play a variety of games and not just Minecraft ( I do play it sometimes when I don’t know what to pick from my Steam library). Anyway, this blog will look more attractive sometime either this year or early next year or whenever if I procrastinate.

I also have a game idea that I think a lot of you will enjoy. I am keeping details a secret, but I might let out some sneak peaks sometime during development. One vague thing I am going to tell you what it has, is Steam Workshop support. I am not going to tell what can be made, but I’ll let your mind run wild with that. Development has not been started yet, and won’t for some time, but I will get to it at one point, trust me. ­čÖé