Welcome to the new location of the Not-So-Sporty Blog!

I am Brandon Hawkins, aka (not-so-sporty) sporto, but just call me sporto, that is the whole reason why I use the parenthesis. I am a gamer and I have a stream at http://www.twitch.tv/sporto2015. I stream a variety of games simply because variety makes a quality channel. I don’t like focus channels that show only one game or a few similar games simply because they get uninteresting after sometime down the line. Yes, I am talking about SkyDoesMinecraft and I know I have a Minecraft-related profile picture. I use that because the owner of the server I get on made that for the server’s website banner and I asked if I can use it for my personal use. It is going to change when I make something of my own. Like I said, I play a variety of games and not just Minecraft ( I do play it sometimes when I don’t know what to pick from my Steam library). Anyway, this blog will look more attractive sometime either this year or early next year or whenever if I procrastinate.

I also have a game idea that I think a lot of you will enjoy. I am keeping details a secret, but I might let out some sneak peaks sometime during development. One vague thing I am going to tell you what it has, is Steam Workshop support. I am not going to tell what can be made, but I’ll let your mind run wild with that. Development has not been started yet, and won’t for some time, but I will get to it at one point, trust me. 🙂


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