I should probably make a schedule for streaming (again).

As some of you know, I do a stream every Saturday and try to keep things fresh with new games to stream and sometimes with games I have already streamed (like the “Sporto Sucks at” series). I tried to make a schedule for streaming every day of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), but I could not commit to it, so I decided to stream every Saturday beginning at 10 pm EST or later. So I am going to start another schedule just for Saturdays.

[Feb 15th Edit: The Stream at a friend’s house will change date as the weather is very unpredictable now. Once we have a clear day with barely any snow on the ground (which might go on until March), we (as in another friend of mine has been invited as well) might have a chance at going. Next week is supposed to be in the 40s and 50s with some rain, so hopefully most of the snow and ice will melt by next Saturday.]


Tonight: Rust w/ HastyAir3 (http://www.youtube.com/user/HastyAir3)

For February 1st, I am hopefully going to a friend’s house on this day to play a lot of video games on my computer on Big Picture and hopefully on his consoles (He says we would only do it for the PC part, but I would LOVE to do it on his consoles as well. He has a Roxio device that we could use to capture gameplay footage.). I am going to start this stream earlier than usual and I am hoping it will be a LONG stream. It was planned for this weekend, but the weather trolled us and his parents hit a deer, so it is canceled until next weekend. Was canceled again due to Sunday’s weather. It is going to be Paranautical Activity for this night.

Feb 8th: Paranautical Activity Stream at friend’s house. Was canceled once again due to crummy weather. This night will be Zeno Clash 2 (Spoiler Warning and it is a first-person brawler, so there will be a decent amount violence if that disturbs you).

Feb 15th: Zeno Clash 2 (Very story-driven, so be wary of spoilers) Stream at friend’s house if weather clears up. Strike Suit Zero (friends wanted me to play GMod, so I didn’t stream Zeno Clash 2, but I did stream GMod)

Feb 22nd: Strike Suit Zero (Has some story in it, also be wary of spoilers) or hopefully stream at friend’s house

Mar 1st: Torchlight 2 (Also has some story in it, spoiler warning)

That is it for the lineup. Now, to the stream: http://www.twitch.tv/sporto2015

PS: I am going to start uploading my stream results to YouTube through Twitch’s highlight system. So far, I am going to upload my Rogue Legacy stream in different parts since I can’t upload videos more than 15 minutes long.

Thank you for reading this.



Welcome to the new location of the Not-So-Sporty Blog!

I am Brandon Hawkins, aka (not-so-sporty) sporto, but just call me sporto, that is the whole reason why I use the parenthesis. I am a gamer and I have a stream at http://www.twitch.tv/sporto2015. I stream a variety of games simply because variety makes a quality channel. I don’t like focus channels that show only one game or a few similar games simply because they get uninteresting after sometime down the line. Yes, I am talking about SkyDoesMinecraft and I know I have a Minecraft-related profile picture. I use that because the owner of the server I get on made that for the server’s website banner and I asked if I can use it for my personal use. It is going to change when I make something of my own. Like I said, I play a variety of games and not just Minecraft ( I do play it sometimes when I don’t know what to pick from my Steam library). Anyway, this blog will look more attractive sometime either this year or early next year or whenever if I procrastinate.

I also have a game idea that I think a lot of you will enjoy. I am keeping details a secret, but I might let out some sneak peaks sometime during development. One vague thing I am going to tell you what it has, is Steam Workshop support. I am not going to tell what can be made, but I’ll let your mind run wild with that. Development has not been started yet, and won’t for some time, but I will get to it at one point, trust me. 🙂